Crayola Publishes New Series of Adult Coloring Books

The adult coloring book trend shows no sign of waning, and now the art experts are Crayola are getting in on the fun. The company has revealed a new series of four coloring “kits” called Color Escapes.

Like most adult coloring books, the Color Escapes feature intricate designs. Crayola says their images will be printed on “professional quality sketching paper” that makes them ideal for use with colored pencils or markers. Because of the thickness of the paper, markers won’t bleed through to the other side. The pages will be oversized, which makes them “perfect for framing.” The kits appear to come with loose pages in a thin box, rather than bound with a spine like traditional coloring books.

Artist Claudia Nice was the force behind the illustrations, which are sorted into the four different kits by theme. The themes are “geometric,” “kaleidoscope,” “nature,” and “garden.”

The kits are all available right now at Crayola’s online store, so grab yours and get coloring!