Cozy Up in a ‘Harry Potter’ Hotel Room

You’ve been working hard and life has got you down, but we’ve got something to bring you back to feeling like yourself again. It’s Harry Potter related and you’re going to love it! Imagine yourself on a vacation, far far away…England perhaps? You know where to go to get your plane tickets, but what about the hotel? 

Well, that’s where The Wizard Chambers come in. At the Georgian House Hotel London, they’ve sectioned off a set of rooms that are Harry Potter themed. You’ll feel like you’re bunking in a common room at Hogwarts, with all of your house crests and colors everywhere. 

Fitted with the trunks you brought onto Platform 9 3/4, but lacking moving pictures, these rooms are built and decorated for the muggle wanting to feel like a wizard for a few nights. 

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Get to booking! They’re selling fast! 



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