Cover Revealed for New Edition of Lois Lowrys Autobiography

Lois Lowry is the acclaimed author of a slew of powerful young adult novels, including The Giver and Number the Stars. She’s also the author of a beautiful autobiography. That autobiography, Looking Back, is being re-released more than 15 years after its original publication. Check out the new cover below, courtesy of GalleyCat

Lowry, now 78, was born in Hawaii in 1937. Her father was in the military, so the family moved frequently. She married a military man herself and continued to move around, but she found time in the 1970s to get a degree in English. She fell in love with photography and with writing, and soon embarked on her impressive writing career. Lowry has twice won the Newberry Medal, the highest award in children’s literature.

Lowry’s love of photographs and photography is apparent in her memoir, which uses both text and photographs to tell the story of her life. Looking Back was first published in 1998. The new edition, featuring the cover above and a new introduction by Alice Hoffman, will be released on September 6, 2016.