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Could Our Tastes In Books Be Others’ And Not Our Own?

Here is a question worth asking: When was the last time you picked out a book to read because you genuinely wanted to read it, as in no one had influenced you in any way to read it?

Hard to answer, isn’t it? Well, you are not alone. In a world dictated by suggestions from loved ones or computers, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of your own interests and not even know it.



A large part of this phenomenon is due to the media we consume every day. According to The Bookseller, celebrities contribute to this by sponsoring or recommending books to read via book clubs, reading lists, and personal channels, but mainly in favor of themselves — by changing their image, pushing a cause, or bringing in more profit.


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While it is great that our most influential idols are advocating for our youth to go out and read more books, especially when we are living in a tech-based, distraction-driven era, it should be a nudge towards more of the types of books we already personally like to read with some leg room to try out new books under new genres of our choosing, not theirs for their own gain.

So, how do you try to avoid, or limit, all of these suggestions coming at you this way and that? To answer that question with two other questions: No, you can’t completely avoid them, but yes, you can at the very least limit your intake.


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If you have more books on your shelves than you can stomach, and you somehow get more on top of those, then you should devote your reading preferences to those first and start limiting – yes, only limit – extra books to add to the TBR pile. (And yes, I’m guilty when I say that I keep telling myself to stick to the ones I have first before going out to buy more for my collection, but I’m trying!)



After that, the choice is yours!

Of course, there is no rule saying that you can’t branch out a little while going through your very long stack of books, so if you pick out a new book from the store/Amazon once every four to five books you already have and are collecting dust on the shelves, then go for it!

This is only a very loose guide to at least temporarily block out others’ book preferences they may be putting on you and start listening to the inner voice in your bookworm heart, telling you what you want to read, or would want to try out reading, as either a change of pace or a new genre of choice…


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