Red balloon on a sewer grate

Cops Are “Completely Terrified” of ‘It’ Red Balloon Prank


The film adaptation of Stephen King’s It hits theaters this weekend, and it’s causing real-world problems. The movie’s already ticked off the World Clown Association, and now it seems to have inspired a Pennsylvania prankster. Police in Lititz, Pennsylvania have found red balloons tied to sewer grates. This is typical behavior of supernatural clowns, as King’s Pennywise proves. So people are scared…including the cops.



Let it be known that the snark and patience of this police department has been noticed, and it is appreciated. “A certain movie is coming to theaters in two days…” You’re so coy, Lititz Borough Police Department!


The only thing Pennywise the Clown loves more than hiding in sewer grates is red balloons. Also, making kids disappear. Lititz PD did not reveal exactly how many red balloons were found, but I think the band Goldfinger knows…



Feature Image Via Yahoo7 News