Contest: Literary-Themed Holiday Decorations

What’s the best part of the holidays? There’s the obvious: Time off… time to read for hours on end. Gift-giving, of course, because anyone who knows you at all will get you some book related gift. Plus, it’s such a joy to give gifts, specifically books that you love and want your friends and family to read and love as well.

But there’s another aspect of the winter holidays that brings mounds of fun: Decorating. I will admit, I struggle with decorations. But I revel in the decorating skills of others, don’t we all? From Christmas trees adorned with literary ornaments to menorah’s made of books to a book-themed New Years party: We want to see your literary-themed holiday decorations! Costumes and baked goods with bookish-themes welcomed as well!

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Image courtesy of Manic MaMa Miles

It’s time to show off your love of literature and your skill for decorating: Send us your best literary themes holiday decoration photos and we may feature you in an upcoming article. [NOTE: Send to]

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