Contest: Enter to Get Your Novel Published

Getting published is the ultimate dream for writers. It’s also one of the most, if not the most, difficult steps in the writing process. You’ve written a novel- now what? Your work won’t sell itself; it won’t get published on its own. It’s time to act! We know how hard that next step is. So does Inkitt, a digital library for writers and readers that offers writers with an opportunity to be published and readers access to work ‘before they go mainstream’.
For writers with a work of 20,000+ words, enter Inkitt’s Novel Writing Contest. Inkitt is a free platform; authors can upload their novels on to the site and gain access to a wide readership. Novels that garner the most attention with Inkitt’s readers win the competition. This could be the start of a career in writing, after all, Inkitt has done it for authors before!
The winner then receives a publishing deal with a generous promotional budget. Not only will the books get professionally edited, but a professional artist will be commissioned to create a cover. Inkitt’s marketing team invests $6,000 into promotion of the winner’s book with the goal of achieving enough sales to get into the top 100 on Amazon on launch day.
You may not win this time, but don’t be disheartened! Inkitt runs contests regularly, sometimes monthly, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity and Inkitt’s platform for budding writers and interested readers. For more information on how to get published with Inkitt, watch the video below: