Comic Adaptation ‘X-Men’ Star Fan Bingbing’s Disappearance Leaves Everyone Clueless

Fan Bingbing is a beloved star. She is renowned around the world as an amazing actress, model, and singer. Her fans stretch from the millions in her home country, China, to the millions more across the world. Fan has recently been recognized in the west with her role in the X-Men franchise, and has been confirmed to play future roles for many other potential films. So, the question begs an answer: why would this famous, wealthy, and lovable star mysteriously vanish?




Image via Deadline



Fan ceased communication via social media sometime around July 23rd. She hasn’t been seen by the public since three weeks before this; she was last seen making an appearance at a children’s hospital. Keep in mind that her social media following on one single platform is five times greater than that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She is BIG. 


However, despite all this fame, Fan was recently embroiled in a tax scandal. The star had double billed some of her contracts, resulting in a suspicious amount of money. While reporting fraudulently about her actual earnings, Fan was eventually found out earlier this year when the accusations of tax fraud came to light this past May.




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So far, there is a ton of speculation on what forced Fan Bingbing to cryptically leave the public’s eye. Time Magazine covered a multitude of theories as to what she may possibly be doing or where she may be. Many, however, are seeming to believe that the Chinese government, in an effort to crack down on their celebrities and potential fraudulent behavior, are responsible for her disappearance. 


Although she is still MIA as of the publication of this article, many fans remain hopeful she will reappear soon. All over her social media pages, fans are posting supportive messages hoping for the star’s safe return to the public eyes. For more info on this developing story, stick to Bookstr!




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