Harry Potter Soundtrack

Combine Your Love of Harry Potter and Music With Magical Vinyl Soundtrack!

Man, do I love an old school, classic, too-good-to-pass-up record. No, not a CD, a record! I don’t care about Pandora or Spotify or whatever it is you have. There’s something so special and enveloping about holding a record in your hands. I do, in fact, own a few vinyls from Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and The Eagles. So it just makes sense to get the newly released Harry Potter album, right?! Yes, yes it does.



The vinyl is comprised of notable tunes from the first five movies and it’s simply wondrous. From the ‘Prologue’ (a.k.a. one of the most notable songs in movies and pop culture) to the ‘Potter Waltz’ in Goblet of Fire. The sweeping and almost classical music is sure to cast a spell on you.


Harry Potter Soundtrack

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The talented composers who worked on the soundtracks, like Nicholas Hooper, John Williams, and Patrick Doyle, are all included on the set, which is in a box adorned with line-drawings of Harry, the Golden Snitch, and more! The images are beautiful. And yes, you do have the option to download it onto your phone, computer, yada yada all that technology.


But first, just put the record on, guys. It’s some serious sorcery. Pick it up on Amazon now for the Potter fanatic in your life!
Feature Image Via Pottermore