College RA Reads Resident a Bedtime Story

Remember when you were a kid and somebody would read you a bedtime story before you went to sleep? Those days were the best. Quamir Boddie, a residential assistant at the University of Tennessee, did his best to bring back those days for a lucky freshman with a special request for his birthday.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Boddie asked the residents of his dorm about how he could improve their living experience for the year. He got a slightly unusual request, but one he was happy to accommodate.

After the story went viral, Boddie took to Twitter to thank the people who have supported him.

Leo the Late Bloomer, the bedtime story of choice, is a Robert Kraus story detailing how people have the right to develop at their own speed. It was certainly an appropriate choice for this strange, wonderful situation.

If these two students help bring back bedtime stories for an older generation, that would be the greatest gift of all.


Image courtesy of @akochamba