‘Coco’ Whoops ‘Justice League’ Adaptation’s Butt at the Box Office

This was a busy weekend for us all, from Thanksgiving to gearing up for the holiday season, the past few days have felt like a marathon. Yet the craze didn’t stop movie-goers from turning the newest movie releases into box office hits.


'The Justice League

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The adaptation of the classic comic book Justice League raked in quite a bit throughout various countries which is no surprise, however, it was this fan-favorite that was knocked from the top ranking by Pixar’s magical, adorable Coco. On a personal note, I would definitely go see Coco if I had to choose between the two.



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Coco follows a young guitarist aspiring to be just like his musical idol, but after meeting a sorcerer he finds himself in the Land of the Dead. His quest takes him through the land of neon colors and spirits, trying to figure out why his family banned music. The trailer was absolutely heartwarming, and hey, it did pull in over $49 million upon release over the Thanksgiving weekend. 


'Justice League' comic

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The Justice League adaptation got some harsh reviews from critics for a lack of chemistry and gripping plot, but it still grossed $40.1 million when it opened. Get this: That’s not the only adaptation Coco beat out. Murder on the Orient Express took in $13 million for its opening weekend!


Fans still showed support for the notable group of heroes and novel-turned-film, but in this case it may be true: adaptations aren’t always as good as the book.


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