Clintons DNC Speech Spikes ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Sales

This year’s Democratic National Convention featured many impressive speeches. Audiences were pretty surprised when Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, took the stage and paid homage to a book from her (way) younger years. 

In discussing her parents’ attentiveness and patience, Chelsea brought up Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, describing how it had “captured her imagination.” Her parents, apparently, loved the book. News sources are implying that the book is stil al favorite of Chelsea’s. Judging by her comments, this certainly seems to be true. 


Published in 1963, L’Engle’s middle-grade novel was met with high praise from critics everywhere. It was awarded the John Newbery medal and years later, was followed by three sequels. The book has proven difficult to categorize, likely because it so skillfully blended science-fiction and fantasy. There was also considerable speculation from publishers as to whether it was intended for children or adults. As Chelsea Clinton has proven, though, it has endured for readers of both age groups.

Sometimes, all it takes is one passing comment from a celebrity for sales of a book to skyrocket. A Wrinkle in Time was no exception. According to Slate, prior to Clinton’s speech, it was listed at number 376 on Amazon in terms of sales. Twelve hours later, it had shot up an astounding 291 spots, soaring all the way to number 85. Two days later, it had risen even more, to number 60. All in all, it has risen 316 slots in less than three days. 

We can’t say for sure if Madeleine L’Engle was a supporter of either Hillary or Bill Clinton, but one thing is for sure; because of Chelsea Clinton, L’Engle’s book is soaring! 

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