Clinton and Kaine Book Reveals Campaign Details

Surprise! Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are putting out a book, just in time for election season! It’s called Stronger Together, and it will provide a detailed analysis of the team’s policy proposals. 

Image courtesy of NYDAILYNEWS

The book will be released on September 6th, two months before elections. Viriginia senator Tim Kaine contributed introductions to the book, and Hillary provided excerpts from speeches that reveal further insight into her plans as president. 

Here is the full press release: 

“Stronger Together will present Hillary Clinton’sidea that America succeeds when we work together to solve our problems and when everyone shares in the rewards. The book will explore the solutions she has laid out from the beginning of her presidential campaign in April 2015, up to and including her appearance at the Democratic National Convention on July 28 … Stronger Together follows in the tradition of other presidential campaign agenda books, including Putting People First by Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 1992 and Change We Can Believe In:Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise in 2008.”


Stronger Together will be published by longtime Clinton compatriot, Simon and Schuster, who have since published all of her books. 

Featured image courtesy of Publishers weekly