Cat looking confused reading For Whom The Bell Tolls


Happy International Cat Day from us, your feline overlords. We have put together this helpful list to show you humans some of our favorite ways to read, and feelings about reading. Sometimes the books by you mere mortals are just not up to scratch… 


Cat reading book

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We love reading, climbing into people’s drawers, and shedding all over their stuff while reading. It really kills two birds with one stone. Speaking of killing birds…


Cat reading To Kill A Mockingbird

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We often find our murderous instincts thwarted by misleading book titles. ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird?’ No information whatsoever on avian slaying. ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ by Maya Angelou? It’s because she keeps its location a secret from us. Hunter S. Thompson? Don’t bother, he doesn’t even tell you how to hunt.


Cat reading book beside stone statue

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We like reading with humans and discussing the book, but hate when they freeze us out for pawing the pages or chewing on their hair. It’s like what do you want from us? I thought we were friends…


Cat looking confused reading Hemingway

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Sometimes we are unimpressed with writers the humans say are the best. But, then again, humans, as we all know, are simple creatures, and we suppose we must not judge them too harshly… Even if it is hard at times. They do feed us after all.


Cat reading a book called 'Dogs Can't Read'

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We love reading about our enemy’s shortcomings while our human subjects hold the books for us. It’s a good life. 


Cat sleeping on book

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But sometimes we just need to take off our glasses and have a little nap after a long day of being cute, furry, and literary. 



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