Claudio Gatti Explains Why He Outed Elena Ferrante

The National Book Review sat down with the reporter, Claudio Gatti, who may have revealed the true identity of the mysterious Elena Ferrante. Gatti has stirred up a lot of anger for outing Anita Raja. Some have even commented that he “committed the literary equivalent of sexual assault.” Claims of sexism have been made against Gatti but he claims they are “completely unfounded.”

                                                                  Image courtesy of twitter

Gatti stated “I knew there were two possibilities: Anita Raja, or her husband Neapolitan writer Domenico Starnone.” He added, “In other words, I went after a mystery, not a woman.” He claims he could not have been targeting a woman because he was not sure if it really was Anita Raja or her husband. 

The main motivator behind his investigation was the alleged split personality Elena Ferrante was exhibiting. Gatti became more and more agitated by the apparent lie that Ferrante wanted her books to “live for themselves.” She voiced a desire to be isolated in her literary work, yet she continued to do interviews and even published a biography, Frantumaglia, which Gatti considers to be mostly lies.

The real kicker here is that Raja has neither confirmed nor denied Gatti’s claims. A recent twitter account claiming to be Raja attempted to take credit for the books but was later deemed fake. Maybe we will never know who truly wrote those books.

How does that effect us as readers? Does knowing the author help you, or is the mystery what keeps you coming back for more?