Classic Fairy Tales Get a Modern Touch

Wattpad, in a partnership with Target and Gallery Books, has created a book of fairy tales reworked into modern times. Most fairy tales are set in the past, when real princesses and princes were common. These stories, however, bring the classic tales we know and love into the 21st century. Each of the stories in the book, Once Upon Nowwere written by winners of the #OnceUponNow contest hosted by Target. 


According to the Wattpad blog

The stories are written by winners of the #OnceUponNow contest hosted by Target, in partnership with Wattpad and Gallery Books. In the anthology, Rapunzel is homeschooled in a high-rise apartment, and Sleeping Beauty is the victim of a rare medical syndrome. Classic tales like Princess & the Pea, Pinocchio, and other favorites are reimagined in the book.

The 10 users chosen to write the stories are listed below! 

Wattpad says

To celebrate the release, we’re giving away five copies of Once Upon Now signed by the authors. To enter, follow us on Snap and share a photo of you dressed up as your favorite fairy tale character. Full contest details will be available on Snapchat.

Good luck and Once Upon Now is available in Target stores and online


Featured image courtesy of Dina Goldstein