Clash of the Titans: Stephen King vs. James Patterson

Two titans of literature, Stephen king and James Patterson, notoriously have a love hate relationship. Patterson’s latest book is titled, The Murder of Stephen King, which ends of course, in Stephen King’s death. Even though this book can be viewed as literary beef, the concept is still pretty interesting.

King started the feud by saying an in interview with The Guardian that Patterson is “a terrible writer be he’s very successful.” Nobody wants to hear that from someone as iconic as Stephen Kind who Patterson has said his is a big fan of. Patterson replied by saying in The Wall Street Journal that “I read his stuff. I like breaking his balls by saying positive things about him.”

The villain in the book is recreating events that King himself has written about. During a press release, Patterson said, “writing this book gave me the opportunity to explore what happens when an author’s own novels put him in danger.” You may not be a fan of Patterson, but reading how he portrays a King inspired villain hunting down the real Stephen King hardly seems like something to pass up.

The Murder of Stephen King won’t be available until November 1st. Only then will we know for sure if his book really is a hit piece against King or if it’s simply a friendly nod to a fellow writer. 

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