Chuck Palahnuik Crowdsources for New Film Adaptation

Chuck Palahniuk, transgressive fiction mensch and friend to the anarchist, is fishing through Kickstarter for a film adaptation of his murderous, time-shifting novel Lullaby. Palahnuik is working with independent filmmakers in – where else – Portland, Oregon to, as he put it on Reddit, to “get it right, [because] it’s never as right in the book”. The writer is so confident in this project, he’s already completed the screenplay and attached himself on as executive producer.

While we imagine the Fight Club and Choke author would have enough money to build literal castles in the sky and not have to ask the good, movie-loving groundlings of the world to foot the bill, he’s hoping crowd-funding will set the movie’s creativity free. As producer Josh Leake explains in the Kickstarter campaign, the villain is who it always has been: the Hollywood snobs

“Chuck doesn’t write for mainstream audiences. His books challenge everything about mainstream audiences. His novel Lullaby deploys necrophilia, gender-bending, and no-way-would-this-make-it-to-comfortable-TV satire. We want to make a movie that makes people feel uncomfortable enough to think original thoughts again, just like Chuck’s novels do.”

Lullaby tells the story of a distraught newspaper reporter who acquires the power to kill anyone he wishes simply by chanting or thinking the words to a mystical African song. Terrified of these powers – yet sometimes willing them to his favor – he travels across the country to destroy the books that contain this ‘culling song’ with a dubious group of supposed allies.

The Kickstarter campaign has amassed more than $218 thousand dollars of its quarter-million goal. Take a peek at the video below, where you can learn all about the artisan gore he’s trying to produce, the dark personal history that informed the book’s writing, and how to pronounce his last name.