Christina Ricci to Play Zelda Fitzgerald in New Pilot

Amazon has announced a new round of shows for its fall pilot season, and one of them is of particular interest to readers. Z is a new, biography/drama series that will follow the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald and her famously turbulent relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The new series will star Christina Ricci (Monster) as Zelda and Gavin Stenhouse (Allegiance) as F. Scott Fitzgerald. The show begins before Zelda meets Fitzgerald, and plans to cover their entire relationship. Z is written by Dan Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin (who both worked on The Killing), and Tim Blake Nelson (Anesthesia) will direct.

The Z pilot will air for free on Amazon’s website, and viewers will be allowed to rate it to help Amazon determine whether or not to proceed with a full series. Z is one of six pilots announced this week. The other selections include new shows from comedians Sacha Baron Cohen and Louis CK.

Amazon is enjoying a pretty good week in terms of its original series, winning five Emmys for their groundbreaking show Transparent.


Stephen L., Staff Writer