Chris Colfer Reveals Next YA Novel

Chris Colfer is a modern renaissance man. He has won three People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe, and is considered one of Time 100‘s most influential people. Not only is his acting career outstanding, he is also a best selling author, all by the age of 26. Now he has just revealed his next YA novel, Stranger Than Fanfiction.

The story centers on protagonist Cash Carter who is a famous movie star. One day Carter is approached by four fans to join them on a cross country road trip. For some reason Carter actually says yes, and the adventure beings. The fans are surprised to learn that Carter is a regular human being just like them, with his own problems and secrets. 

Chances are this is Colfer’s way to express some experiences he has had while being a celebrity. Just look at the protagonist’s first name, Cash Carter, and his name Chris Colfer. They sound, and look, almost the same. His book my be a surprisingly in-depth look on how celebrities can relate to their fans, and perhaps demystify the notion of “celebrity” for all of us.


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