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China Bans Release of New Winnie the Pooh Film ‘Christopher Robin’

As many people’s favorite childhood character, Winnie the Pooh is is loved and treasured as our favorite, honey-loving, bear. All he really wants to do is enjoy his honey and be with his friends. The character has had many movies, and now another is being released by Disney: Christopher Robin: Winnie The Pooh. However, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has declined to allow the new movie to be released in his country.



This may come off as sudden to us, but the Chinese leader has been dealing with the imagery of Pooh as a sign for political dissent for years now. “How is this done?” you might ask? How can a character as harmless as Pooh Bear pose such a threat to Xi JinPing? Well It’s quite simple:




Image via Scroll.in


It’s memes. It had started a few years ago in 2013, but people had taken pictures of the Chinese leader and replaced him with Pooh. To any normal person, this would be considered harmless or only annoying in a minor sense. However, Xi Jinping despises being portrayed as the big, orange bear.



Image via Resource Magazine



To the Chinese government, Pooh is a symbol of political dissent. To them, he symbolizes the mocking of their political leader and structure as a whole. The cuddly bear represents a serious effort to undermine the office of the President in the eyes of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Government. 



Featured Image via Noticieros Televisa