Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4 Coming December 31

Thank Satan, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s last season has a premier date! The fourth and sadly, last part of the series premieres December 31 on Netflix!



It’s still a little while off but the teaser video that was just released give us a lot to unpack. Even though it’s not a full trailer we some interesting details to tide us over until the official trailer. So let’s unpack!

In the beginning we hear Sabrina’s iconic lines about how she won’t sign her name over to the Dark Lord in the Book of The Beast, in the first season. We also get some shots from earlier in the series intercut with Sabrina strutting down the halls of her high school. Then it takes a turn when Ambrose is talking about some new evil they will have to face and another war brewing. There is also a quick look at someone in a black, what looks to be gas mask, holding a pick axe. This may allude to the resurgence of what was going on in the mines?

We see Roz and Theo experience visions of some sort due to their own powers. Can we talk about the squad for a second? I mean we have Sabrina, the witch and daughter of Satan, Roz the seerer, Theo, the ghost whisperer, Robin the hobgoblin, Nick the talented warlock. What a team! Oh yeah and Harvey; Harvey’s there too.

Speaking of Nicky, next we see him wearing a Greendale high varsity jacket?! Um, excuse me? Though it does make sense, The Academy of the Unseen Arts was basically shut down at the end of the last season. But does Nick being at a mortal high school mean that other witches and warlocks will attend as well? We’ll have to wait and see.

Then we see Sabrina, both Sabrinas, (the OG and the one she left to run hell so she can live her regular life in the mortal realm) doing a spell with a crystal ball in between them. Now, that bubble is going to have to pop some way, some how. I was literally screaming at my screen, “That’s not a good idea! You are so dumb Sabrina!” She always wants to have her cake and eat it too, which really frustrates me about her character.

She did all of the trials, went back in time, blah, blah, blah, to win the crown because it was her birthright and no on can do but her but then complains about the work and not being able to be with her family and chill with her friends all the time. You should have thought about that missy! 


Rant aside, we see a bloody Prudence and her remaining weird sister Agatha. Which alludes to them kicking some butt or their butts being kicked but either way I’m happy to see them. Then some of the finals shows show the squad, including Auntie Zelda and Auntie Hilda in some huge room, maybe underground. There’s a table with someone on it, who could be Sabrina. There is also a massive looking portal. Which leads to where? No idea.

How excited are you for the last part of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina? I, for one can’t wait. If the writers mess with my OTPs, we will have words.


Featured image via Screenrant