‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Official Part 4 Trailer

The time has finally come for the official trailer for the last season of the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ that will premiere on December 31. It might be late but it’s for sure a well-welcomed Christmas present.


Image via Seventeen Magazine


In the trailer we start with Sabrina’s birthday, but the table with her birthday cake on it turns into what looks to be a spread most enjoyed in hell. Sabrina didn’t cast the spell, so someone else did.

It seems as though this season will deal with literal world-ending beings who come to Greendale and are referred to as “Eldritch Horrors,” which is very Lovecraft of them.

It’s also implied that their rising is somehow Sabrina’s fault? Huh?! 


We don’t know whether their arrival is a product of Sabrina’s decision at the end of last season, to rule hell and live her normal life in Greendale by splitting herself in two, or some other reason that was sent in motion in the previous seasons.

And from what we see, no one could tell the difference between the Sabrinas. At one point in the trailer, both Sabrinas meet and discuss what was going down, then they are seen on a table possibly becoming one again. That solves that problem.

This season is sure to be huge!

Sabrina, of course, recruits her top-tier crew to help out in fighting against the terrors to save their town and the world. Nick and Sabrina are seen rekindling their relationship, we see Lucifer and Edith, and we get the long-awaited return of Father Blackwood… and it seems like he’s still up to no good.


It’s not clear how the show will end but I am hopeful for a happy ending. Things I want to happen and loose ends I want to see tied up include:

  1. Figuring out who is going to rule Hell once and for all when it comes out that Sabrina made a double of herself.
  2. Prudence finally getting her revenge on Father Blackwood.
  3. Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda get their happy endings with Mambo Marie and Dr. Cerberus, respectively.
  4. Nick somehow getting back at Lucifer for what he did to him

Check out the trailer here and let us know… What did you think of it? How excited are you for the last season? How do you think the show is going to end?

Featured image via Nylon