Childrens Book by Queen Victoria Hits the Shelves

Ten-year-old Queen Victoria penned the children’s book, The Adventures of Alice Laselles, 185 years ago in Britain. Only eight years later, she would assume the throne and become the longest-ruling British monarch after reigning for nearly 64 years. Her book, written in her princess years in approximately 1829, follows 12-year-old Alice as she experiences boarding school.

The Royal Collection is publishing the story, and the book will provide readers with more insight into who Queen Victoria was.

Jacqueline Wilson, a children’s author, wrote the introduction of the book and was fascinated by Victoria’s story. It reflects a lot of Victoria’s feelings as a little girl. It humanizes a queen. Here she was, just a sweet, charming child,” Wilson said.

If you’d like to read more about Alice, poor French orphan Ernestine, or crafty baker’s daughter Barbara, then pick up Queen Victoria’s book on June 22 when it’s released.

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