‘Chemical Hearts’ Starring Lili Reinhart to Release August 21st

Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland is coming to the big screen.

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Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland is coming to the big screen. The filming rights were acquired by Awesomeness Films in June 2016 and began filming last year, around June 2019. It will star Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams, most known for his roles in The Walking Dead and Euphoria.

The book follows teenager Henry Page who has never fallen in love despite an innate desire to do so. When he lands eyes on Grace Town, a student who walks with a cane and wears boys’ clothes far too large for her frame, he realizes that things may be about to change. This is not, however, your everyday love story – there is heartbreak to be had along the way. The film, shortened to title Chemical Hearts, will follow the same storyline.


Director Richard Tanne (Southside With You) was elated to work on Chemical Hearts, feeling that the plot firmly resonated with him.

It really appealed to me because unlike most teen romance movies, it wasn’t a story about the first great love of your life, it was a story about the first great heartbreak of your life. I could really relate to that. It wasn’t until after I finished writing the script that it dawned on me how closely my own high school heartbreak mirrored that of Grace and Henry’s story.

Reinhart echoed his enthusiasm, divulging the following.

Young love stories that don’t have happy endings are also stories that need to be told. Chemical Hearts is the kind of movie that portrays young love in a realistic light in the sense that it f—ing hurts sometimes. And oftentimes it does not go the way you want it to. And you can have this idea of someone and they don’t measure up to what you want them to be.



The film will be a magnificent treat for fans as Our Chemical Hearts has meant a lot to many people, reiterating that those with differences are deserving of love and compassion the same as anyone else. Chemical Hearts is set to release on August 21st through Amazon Prime.

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