Check out Your Newsfeed on The Reading Room

We’re so excited to announce a great new feature that promises to keep you up to date on what your friends are doing on The Reading Room. It’s Your Newsfeed – and it’s located at the top of your profile page.

Your Newsfeed shows you what your friends are reading, what books they recommend, what authors they follow, and more! See what books are filling your friends’ bookshelves and then be inspired to Add to your Want to Read shelf, rate, or review them.

To see what your friends and other interesting members are reading, click the blue “Follow” button on their profile pages. They’ll appear in Your Newsfeed, and you’ll never miss a great book recommendation again.

Also new on The Reading Room – email notifications about your favorite authors. By clicking “Follow” on the author’s page, you’ll be reminded when your favorite authors have a new book being released. Add the book to your shopping cart and you’ll be in reading bliss in no time!