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Check out This Exclusive Excerpt From Paula Weston’s ‘The Undercurrent’!

Prepare to be electrified with Paula Weston’s action-packed thriller The Undercurrent.


Eighteen-year-old Jules has a shocking secret and an unknown enemy who wants her dead. When she meets Ryan, they’re dodging gunfire in a building under siege–and that’s not the only reason sparks fly. She doesn’t know he works for a shadowy military unit. And he doesn’t know she can electrocute someone with her bare hands.


'The Undercurrent' cover

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Another blast sends them both sprawling sideways. Scorching heat rolls over the car. He snatches up the bag and empties it out. Sheets of meaningless paper hit the floor and fan out in all directions. Ryan holds out the satchel towards De Marchi. Points for her to put in her shoes. This time she doesn’t argue. She steps out of the heels and slips them in the suede bag. 


‘And those,’ he mouths, gesturing to her stockings. He scoops up his tie and ID and jams them in with her shoes. De Marchi hesitates a second before bunching up her skirt. Ryan positions the satchel strap across his chest, watches her push down the nylons, one leg, then the other.


The car shudders. Cables creak.


He kneels down, links his fingers and cups his palms and nods to her.


De Marchi readjusts her handbag and comes closer. She touches his shoulder to steady herself, but her skirt’s too tight and she can’t keep her balance long enough to step into his hands. Their eyes meet. De Marchi blows out her breath, shakier now. She hesitates, and then wrestles the fabric of her skirt up and over her knees, tries again. Her instep is warm against his palm, soft as velvet. Ryan should keep his eyes on her face but her bare thigh is centimetres away, pale and firm. Close enough for him to see a smattering of freckles above her kneecap even in the murky light. For a full three seconds Ryan forgets what he’s supposed to be doing.


Fingertips dig into his collarbone.


Focus, dickhead.


Ryan boosts De Marchi and guides her through the hatch. This time he keeps his eyes to himself. When he looks up she’s disappeared.


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