Check Out This Bookstore-Themed Mall in China!

China’s newest design-heavy shopping mall is covered in functional bookshelves.


Ever wondered what the Louvre would look like as a mall?

Commercial design, aesthetic beauty, and individual enrichment take center stage in a new architectural project in Xi’an, China, an area which has experienced a decline in foot traffic and public interest recently. The project itself amounts to four open stories lined with bookshelves and commercial zones, according to designboom.


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Chinese design firm Gonverge Design aims to push the boundaries of beauty in commercial spaces with the help of architects Lafonce-Maxon. The original construction site was actually unused for three years before Gonverge began work on the project.


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The mall will look a lot different than it did originally, especially after three years of neglect, but the design team will capitalize on the original structural foundations to produce a wholly unique new space. Most importantly, Gonverge will keep the massive, barrel-vaulted glass ceilings which flood the space with natural light.


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The revamped 400,000 square-foot space will feature wall-to-wall bookshelves in a sleek setting that capitalizes on the modern design mantra “culture & commerce,” which helps designers envision a space that looks and feels like a one-of-a-kind architectural gem.


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This “free hall of knowledge” will allow mall-goers to feel like they are embarking on more than just another shopping trip each time they step into the elegant and reader-friendly space. Vast atriums and community-focused activity spaces, all lined with shelves and shelves of books, will lend an air of something truly magnificent and astonishing, like walking into a lofty train station.

Details on the mall’s completion date vary. For more information, visit Gonverge’s Facebook page here.



Featured Image Via designboom.