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Check out This Bookstore That Only Sells Books by Female Authors

Thursday March 8th is International Women’s Day, and with the current state of the world, you’d better believe that companies across the globe are giving this day the power it deserves.



Virginia Woolf. | Image Via Wikipedia


The last few years have been rocky and weird, and it seems as though we’ve been caught in a vacuum of #metoo, for women’s voices are finally screaming out to be heard. For International Women’s Day this year, the two publishing houses, Penguin and Waterstones (a U.K.-based company), will be setting up a pop-up bookshop in east London which will only be selling books written by women. The shop is set to run from March 5th – March 9th, and will include over 200 writers. In London, the international holiday happens to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, which gave women the right to vote so the shop is paying homage to both dates.



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The goal is to educate people, both young and old, on the women whose voices have rung out over the years in an effort to gain equality with their male counterparts. In addition to educating, Penguin and Waterstones hope to inspire young girls to continue being bold, brave, and loud about demanding rights that they deserve. Not only will the shop include books written for adults, but ones written for children as well. Plus, the proceeds go to various organizations that sponsor aid for domestically-abused women, so your money will be going to an excellent cause.



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If you find yourself on Rivington Street in east London between March 5th and 9th, I highly suggest you check out this shop filled with years of women whose strengths and struggles gave us what we are lucky to have today: freedom.




Feature Image Via The Telegraph