Alice looking down the rabbit hole in the animated film.

Check Out This Augmented Reality Take on “Alice in Wonderland!”




Sony’s Future Lab has cooked up something special for Lewis Carroll fans. Using their “Interactive Tabletop” technology, Sony has pulled Wonderland from the rabbit hole, and is projecting it on a coffee table near you.


"Alice in Wonderland" with a holographic projection on it

Tap on the highlighted words, and they come to life! / via The Verge


Using a projector and a camera, the Interactive Tabletop lines up with a physical copy of “Alice in Wonderland,” and animates both Lewis Carroll’s whimsical words and John Tenniel’s trippy illustrations. Simply, it’s augmented reality technology applied to books. So lay your copy of “Alice” down, turn on the Interactive Tabletop, and the Cheshire Cat will be purring in no time.


Or he might dance on his head. / via GIPHY


Currently, this technology is still in its R&D stages, but the potential is enormous, particularly concerning books. Animating children’s books is not, in itself, a new idea — think pop-up books. But to animate a physical copy of a book is very exciting. Tapping an unknown word on our Kindle is an easy way to get the definition quickly, but imagine the same could soon be done with any book off your bookshelf.


Feature image courtesy of Oh My Disney