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Check Out These 5 Confirmed Film Adaptations For YA Series

In 2018 alone, we have around 32 film adaptations either made and released or still being made to release later this year. More and more authors are opting to bring their works to the silver screen and the popular trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. So, without further delay, here are five new confirmations of film adaptations from young adult authors.



1. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds



long way down

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Reynolds’ work is both parts unique as it is inspiring. Instead of choosing to write a traditional story, Long Way Down is set in the time of a teenager’s elevator ride. The main character at first only has revenge on his mind, but the narratives of several others offer up a vital and expansive look on the cycle of violence.



The project has been optioned by Universal Studios. Michael De Luca and John Legend are on set to produce the adaptation to Long Way Down.




2. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi



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In Shatter Me, our protagonist is a seventeen year old girl named Juliet living in a dystopian world. She is afflicted with somewhat of a curse known as the “fatal touch”; whenever someone touches her, they instantly die. Our hero is sent to prison after an accidental murder, but her peril doesn’t end there.



Tahereh Mafi has agreed to develop Shatter Me with ABC Signature Studios. Updates and news regarding the new television adaptation can be found on the author’s social media.




3. The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson



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Olson’s story is set in a world that has been afflicted with the misfortunes associated with radical climate change. Resources are scarce and society is ruled by a ruthless upper class named The Wolf Pack. Our heroine, Eden, decides to leave her home due to the criminal ways of The Wolf Pack, and discovers the mysterious and eerie Sanctuary Island. 



It was announced before back in 2016 that Leonardo DiCaprio would be producing The Sandcastle Empire alongside his business partner Jennifer Davisson. Paramount Pictures is on-board for distribution.




4. Cursed by Tom Wheeler




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Written by Tom Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Miller, Cursed looks to be an interesting project. This is because the adaptation is being worked on while the actual book hasn’t even been released yet. Cursed is planned to release some time in fall 2019 in book form while the adaptation will come not long after that.



Wheeler and Miller take us on an adventure set in Arthurian Legend. Our heroine this time is a young teenager named Nimue and she is to become the famous Lady of the Lake from the tales of Prince Arthur



5. Red Rising by Pierce Brown



RED-y to go

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In Red Rising, author Pierce Brown takes us to a futuristic version of a society on Mars. Different social classes are color coded, with red being the lowest standing. Darrow is our protagonist, and also a member of the red caste. Equal to slaves, the red caste is forced to work on the planet and told to do so in order to make it inhabitable for future generations. However, Darrow begins to find out that Mars has sustained life for longer than he has been lead to know.



Previously, Universal Studios was said to be adapting Brown’s book. However, the author has since stated that he is reaching out to several streaming services to make a series and that he is also working with an undisclosed director. We don’t know for sure when we will get to see the film yet, but we can be sure to hear more in the near future.





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