Check Out the Trailer for ‘A Dog’s Purpose’!

Universal Pictures recently put out a trailer for the adaptation of Bruce Cameron’s 2010 bestseller, A Dog’s Purposewhich follows the life of one golden retriever through his many reincarnate lives. The trailer alone is an emotional steamroller, and teases what can only be a global cathartic experience. 

Many people have already made reaction videos to just the trailer, with tears galore. 


Do us a favor, watch the trailer, and drop a comment with the minute mark where you started to cry. Oh, don’t think you will? Let me just reiterate. It’s about a dog’s MANY reincarnate lives. That means the movie will feature the deaths of MANY DOGS. MANY DEATHS OF DOGS. MANY DOG DEATHS. DOG. DEATH. 

If you still aren’t getting the idea, here is an actual gif of me after watching the trailer:

Image courtesy of Giphy

Has anyone read the book? How do you guys think it will compare to the movie? Will it do it justice? We wanna know!

Featured image courtesy of Variety