Check Out The Outrageous New ‘The Office’ Kids Book

How would you feel about reading a book meant for kids?  What if I told you that the children’s book is themed around the old show The Office?  Would you want to read it then?

image via amazon

Robb Pearlman recently wrote a new book titled The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary, with illustrations by Melanie Demmer.  The book is about Michael Scott on a journey to become the “World’s Best Line Leader.”  He and his fellow students in Ms. Levinson’s class spend the day working together to make the perfect line.  The problem for Michael is that he doesn’t know how to lead the line.  He learns that he must ask for help, and this is the lesson in the book: don’t be afraid to ask for help when it’s needed.


The book is filled with wonderful, colorful illustrations and is filled to the brim with Easter eggs that fans of the now-canceled show will understand.  The book appeals to all different types of readers despite being marketed as a children’s book.

image via twitter

With the show’s 15th anniversary coming up, Pearlman’s book serves as an homage to the show and proves how it has thrived.  If you’d like to pick up this book, you can check out the link above!


featured image via marisa livingston on twitter: @Marisa_Draws


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