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Check Out One of America’s Most Haunted Cemeteries

Contrary to popular myth, not everyone who grows up in the vicinity of supernatural activity necessarily feasts their eyes upon the paranormal with any regularity. Indeed, such was my experience, and the experience of most my peers, as we grew up in a town swimming with variable tales of hauntings, ghosts and Halloween lore. Though these tales of the dead never manifested into our real-life experiences, their history filled our October conversations and banter, making for one great place in which to experience the Halloween tradition.

Regardless of whether or not I have personally experienced the ghostly activity native to Union Cemetery, after learning of its detailed history in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s book titled Graveyard, my sense of security in traversing Stepney Road’s connecting lanes of Monroe and Easton, CT is permanently altered. Little did I know that I grew up just minutes away from perhaps the most haunted cemetery in all of the United States. 



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To sum up the tragic and fascinating history of this cemetery, a lot of really bad stuff is said to have taken place in and around its vicinity. The result is a propensity for strange incidents and reports of other-worldly encounters. One well-known tale we all loved to share as kids concerns the White Lady, who is known for standing in the middle of the road, feigning to have been hit by passing cars. Another story involves a man finding an unexpected visitor in his vehicle, hearing that one-day he will experience a similar fate to that of his unexpected passenger– whatever that means. Overall, this lore makes for some pretty traumatizing material.


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Be sure to check out this book, Graveyard, if interested in learning about the various tales of the Easton, CT cemetery and a variety of other anecdotes from cemeteries throughout the New England area.



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Then, when you finish reading up on the tales of the White Lady and related corporeal projections, you can always check out the Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, CT. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend going there, and haven’t gone myself. It serves as home to the nightmarish Annabelle doll we all know from The Conjuring



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Happy Halloween everyone, and if you plan to research any of these ghostly tales, please heed caution in visiting their origin sites. Oftentimes, our curiosities should run no further than others’ accounts. 


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