Wight Walker Bear

Check out How ‘Game of Thrones’ Created the Flaming Zombie Polar Bear!

Game of Thrones’s special effects has wowed us throughout its seven season reign. The work with CGI in season seven was beautiful, impressive, and terrifying all at the same time with more and more of their characters being drafted by the White Walker army (RIP Viserion.) GoT‘s White Walker CGI has been impeccable with both Viserion and that flaming polar bear we saw in the sixth episode of last season, who the Hound calls Toby. Check out this video of how exactly that polar bear was made!



The Night King doesn’t seem super discerning with who he recruits into his army, so maybe we can expect more undead polar bears. But, hey, why stop there? I’m hoping we see an undead bunny, a duck…OH OH OH. An undead dire wolf.


Feature Via HBO