Kurt Vonnegut

Check out Five Never-Before-Seen Kurt Vonnegut Short Stories!

Dan Wakefield and Jerome Klinkowitz have been hard at work at the Lilly Library at Indiana University, working on a comprehensive volume of Kurt Vonnegut’s short fiction. Wakefield, a friend of Vonnegut’s, and Klinkowitz, a scholar of the author’s work, recently discovered (and published!) five previously unpublished stories.


‘The Drone King’, one of the previously unpublished stories, is available to read online at The Atlantic.


The Drone King

Image via Neatorama.


Wakefield and Klinkowitz’s Complete Stories was released earlier this week, so you don’t have to wait to read the rest of Vonnegut’s new work! The pair organized the ninety-eight stories that make up the book thematically, with “War,” “Women,” “Science,” “Romance,” “Work Ethic versus Fame and Fortune,” “Behavior,” “The Band Director,” and “Futuristic”. The stories take us through Vonnegut’s entire career, from 1941 to his death in 2007, including work published in magazines and in previous collections like Welcome to the Monkey House


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