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Check Out Charles Darwin’s Handwritten Reading List!

I don’t know about you, but I never make it past the second page in a journal. When I was twelve, I had high hopes of my journal becoming a huge deal and being sold, hardcover bound, all over the world. However, in order for that to happen I would have had to have some really important things to say. I probably also would have needed to do some pretty influential things.


Charles Darwin


Take Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin. I reckon most sane people would agree he’s done important work in the world of science. His journals overflow with interesting and profound information. And, great for book loving people like us, he included a reading list that he kept updated as soon as he finished books.


Photocopy of Charles Darwin's Reading List

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Before computers and the internet, writing everything down was the best (and only) way to keep track of information. And if you were lucky to avoid flooding or fires, crucial information would be readily available for years to come. I still write most things down, I have sticky notes and scrap papers placed neatly and methodically around my apartment.


To be quite honest, my reading list doesn’t look like anything close to this. I am not as smart as Charles Darwin, nor am I going to pretend I am. Additionally, my reading list is basically the complete opposite. It can’t even compare. Mine’s at about ninety percent fiction while Darwin’s is… not. But, I love books and I think this is super cool. Now I can pretend I know more about him than I really do.


What about you? Do you keep a physical reading list?


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