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Charlottesville Book Store Perseveres Through Protest Chaos

Though it closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in light of the white supremacist protest and counter-protests that rocked its community, Charlottesville’s New Dominion Bookshop has re-opened and will continue to operate at its normal hours.


new dominos bookshop interior

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New Dominion, open for business since 1924, has been at the nexus of many of the situation’s critical events: counter-protestor Heather Heyer was hit and killed by a white supremacist at the intersection next to the store, and a vigil for Heyer was held on the street in front of the store Sunday evening. Of the initial protestors, store manager Julia Kdravetz said she “knew nobody was going to come downtown [Saturday] to buy books.”


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“We’re not a political bookshop. We’re a bookshop serving the community, and I wasn’t going to put my employees at risk by keeping the doors open with people carrying automatic guns running around town,”  Kudravetz said.


Lately, she says, customers have been coming in search of “a comforting place.”


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