Central Park Bird Watcher Christian Cooper Writes DC Graphic Novel

Christian Cooper, made famous for his viral clash with a white woman in Central Park, has written his own graphic novel. In it he discusses birds, bigotry and more.

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Christian Cooper is one of the latest examples of a black man capturing racial harassment on film. In case you forgot, Christian was bird watching in Central Park a few months ago when he was racially targeted by a white woman who called the police on him; Cooper caught the whole thing on camera. Inspired by his experiences, Cooper paired up with DC Comics to write a graphic novel titled It’s a Bird (released Wednesday).



Image via Open Culture


Cooper who happens to be a former comics editor and writer,  tells a much needed and relevant story. The story depicts Jules, a Black teenage bird watcher, who is given an old pair of binoculars. When he looks through them, he sees the stories of Amadou Diallo, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Cooper’s graphic novel will be apart of DC’s new digital-first series “Represent!” meant to highlight typically underrepresented groups in comics. The first chapter was released on Wednesday for free and the remaining chapters will drop in 2021. Before you go run off to read the first chapter, let’s look at these gorgeous images.


Image via Black Enterprise


Cooper said “I hope young people read it in particular, and that they’re inspired to keep the focus where it needs to be, which is on those we have lost and how we keep from losing more”. By utilizing his platform and highlighting his traumatic experiences, Cooper is continuing a much needed conversation.



Feature image via Open Culture