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‘Center for Fiction’ to Open in Brooklyn in 2019

The Brooklyn Home of Center for Creative Fiction is America’s first and only non-profit literary organization and, come January 2019, will be opening it’s doors in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. 


The Center was originally established as The Mercantile Library (a lending library for merchant clerks) in Manhattan back in 1820. It was renamed The Center for Creative Fiction in 2008, shortly before the building was sold and The Center moved to a different building in the center of Manhattan. Up until now, it hasn’t exactly been easily accessible for members of the Brooklyn community.


The Mercantile Library

via The Center for Fiction


“Brooklyn is home to so many great writers—both well-known and emerging—and so many of our audience members already are Brooklyn residents,” Noreen Tomassi, Executive Director of The Center, told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. “The borough may have more readers per square inch than anywhere in the country. Look at all the bookstores that thrive in Brooklyn!”


The new three-story building will include a cafe, library, bookstore, classroom, and a 160-seat auditorium. It will offer book recommendations, author’s picks, and more for avid readers and fans of fiction. For writers, there will be writing workshops, fellowships, classes on the business-side of the literary world, and so, so much more.


The Center describes itself as, “The only organization in the U.S. solely devoted to the creation and enjoyment of the art of fiction.”


I can’t wait to explore this new space and all the book magic it will be sure to bring!


Featured image via The Center for Fiction