Celebs Weigh in on Grammar Debate

Quick, answer without thinking! What do you think of an Oxford Comma? Do you need to ask your friends, Beyonce and Vladimir Putin? See, it’s a more complicated question than you know.

The debate over usage of the serial comma, as it’s also known, has been raging on since we realized we could argue over punctuation. As with every timeless debate, we look to the answers of celebrities for guidance, if not out of sheer curiosity. 

Celebrity Oxford Comma“, a Twitter account run by writer Rick Mueller, has been prodding a response out of writers, actors and everyone in the public eye. The seed of the idea started out of Mueller’s frustration when he would read his children books like The Berenstain Bears and notice that, at varying points, the author would use and then ignore the Oxford Comma. The account began, as many do, as a way to survey famous people (starting with authors, then expanding to all forms of celebrity) about a small subject. But soon it began to snowball and now, thanks to this unlikely public servant, we have it on record how the most important minds of the time feel about that plucky little sentence-splitter.

Check out some weighted opinions below:


Neil DeGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, creator of Cosmos and StarTalk)

Rob Lowe (actor, Parks and Recreation and The West Wing)

Don Cheadle (Actor, Hotel Rwanda and House of Lies)

Jonathan Ames (Author of What’s Not to Love?, creator of Bored to Death and Blunt Talk)

Dan Harmon (writer and creator of Rick and Morty and Community)

Seth McFarlane (writer and creator of Family Guy and Ted)

Talib Kweli (rapper and social activist)

Kevin Smith (writer and director of Clerks and Dogma)

Neil Gaiman (author, The Sandman and Coraline)

James Van Der Beek (actor, Dawson’s Creek and The Social Network)

Tom Bergeron (host of Dancing with the Stars and America’s Funniest Home Videos)

Alton Brown (Chef, host of Good Eats)

Kristin Chenoweth (actress, Wicked and Pushing Daisies)


Which celebrity’s opinion on the Oxford comma should we insist on hearing from next? More importantly, where do you stand on this endless debate? Let us know! 


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