Celebrate Superman with These Modern Age Comics!

This week, we celebrate the superhero that started it all.

Admittedly, while Superman has been my favorite superhero after years of comic book reboots, Smallville, animated series, animated movies, DCEU movies as well as the original Christopher Reeve movies, he is also a tough character to crack, and this is apparent in many of his stories as a result.

However, here are some of the best comics (or at least the more eventful/interesting ones) in recent years that prove that Superman can still be king of the genre.


Superman: Secret Origins


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If you’re looking for some Silver Age Christopher Reeve Superman nostalgia then look no further. As far as Superman homages go, this one is the best (sorry, Superman Returns). Geoff Johns captures the charm and spirit of the character displayed in the Reeve films while placing him into a more contemporary setting. The result is an origin about an optimistic figure who finds purpose in combating our bleak and pessimistic times.


Superman: Unchained


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A younger, less seasoned Superman than the one we’re used to is still finding his way as a hero, while under constant scrutiny and international military threats. A new world-ending threat and a long lost weapon kept secret since World War II will test the Man of Steel and all that he wants to stand for. Superman will have to overcome his doubts and insecurities to find confidence in making his own decisions, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same for the better.


Superman: Lois and Clark


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A weird DC Comics reboot changed the multiverse and the events of its timeline, displacing the classic Superman, Lois Lane, and their newborn son, Jon, on an alternate Earth. For the sake of protecting his family’s anonymity, Superman decides to resume his superhero work in secret. Nothing can keep him from trying to make the world a better place, no matter how world-bending the circumstances might be. However, the Super family can’t stay hidden forever, no matter what Earth they live on, and their safety will be put at risk. Fixing a situation with stakes as high and as personal as this is a job for Superman.



Featured Image via Gary Frank