The tiniest poems can have big impacts

Celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day!

While National Poetry Month draws to a close, there’s still reason to celebrate. Today, April 27th marks “Poem in Your Pocket Day,” a day in which you carry a poem you love, in your pocket, to share with others! It started in New York City in 2002, but has now become a nationally recognized event.

If you’re unsure of how to celebrate, made a handy print-out filled with ideas on how to share poetry. Whether you work in a school, an office or you just want to post a poem you love, there are plenty of ways to participate and spread the joy of poetry!

In honor of Poem in Your Pocket Day, below are some poems we’d like to share with you!  

“Cotton Candy” by Edward Hirsch

We walked on the bridge over the Chicago River

for what turned out to be the last time,

and I ate cotton candy, that sugary air,

that sweet blue light spun out of nothingness.

It was just a moment, really, nothing more,

but I remember marveling at the sturdy cables

of the bridge that held us up

and threading my fingers through the long

and slender fingers of my grandfather,

an old man from the Old World

who long ago disappeared into the nether regions.

And I remember that eight-year-old boy

who had tasted the sweetness of air,

which still clings to my mouth

and disappears when I breathe.


“I dwell in Possibility ” by Emily Dickinson

I dwell in Possibility – 

A fairer House than Prose – 

More numerous of Windows – 

Superior – for Doors – 


Of Chambers as the Cedars – 

Impregnable of eye – 

And for an everlasting Roof 

The Gambrels of the Sky – 


Of Visitors – the fairest – 

For Occupation – This – 

The spreading wide my narrow Hands 

To gather Paradise –


Do you have any favorite poems? If so, share them with us!


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