A string of hammocks strung between two cliffs very high up.

Celebrate Hammock Day with These Swingin’ Reads!

It’s International Hammock Day! So we’ve put together a list of the most amazing hammocks around the world and the books that would rock your world while you rock in them! 


1. This Amazing DIY Boat Hammock! 


A hammock boat allegedly spotted at University of California, Davis.

Image Courtesy of Gizmodo


This incredible contraption, allegedly spotted at University of California, Davis would be perfect for both adventures and relaxation! Row it out to on the water, attach a Jolly Rodger to the mast and embark on a career of piracy on the high seas! But, if this proves a little too much and you need a break, we recommend…


‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson


This swashbuckling 19th century classic is the perfect midway point for a sailor searching for adventure, but who may not be ready to commit to a life of piracy just yet. 


2. This Incredible Iceberg Hammock!


A hammock between two icebergs

Image Courtesy of Cooler Lifestyle via Chris Burkard 


This ice-tastic hammock, photographed by Chris Burkard, looks like the perfect place for a cool cat to chill out! The only thing missing is…


‘Out of the Ice’ by Ann Turner 


Ann Turner’s 2016 thriller is sure to chill you to the bone! The story follows Laura Alvarado, a brilliant environmental scientist from Melbourne, Australia, who is sent to conduct top-secret research on a remote Antarctic island. The book was hailed as ‘a cinematic page-turner’ and we’re sure it would be the perfect read for this unique hammock!



3. This Meow-velous Cat Hammock!


Two cats in specifically designed cat hammocks

Image Courtesy of DIY Lighthouse 


This purrfect hammock would be perfect for your feline friends to cuddle up on! All they’d need then would be a bedtime story, and we would recommend…


The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov


This Russian cult classic features in its cast of amazing characters a talking black cat, a witch, and an assassin. The story moves back and forth between Moscow and ancient Jerusalem. The novel was written under Stalin’s regime and wasn’t published until after Bulgakov’s death but gained great acclaim when it was finally published in 1967.


4. These Perfect Book-Swap Hammocks!


Five hammocks, each one higher up between the same two trees than the last, each containing a person

Image Courtesy of DIY Lighthouse


These hammocks look like the perfect place to host a book swap! When you’re finished reading a book, just pass it up or down and wait for your neighbor to finish with theirs. Seems like the perfect way to relax with friends! A series of seven books seems ideal, so we recommend…


‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ by C.S Lewis


A lot of readers end up only reading C.S Lewis’s ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ which is actually the second installment of the Narnia series. Why not take this opportunity to go back to the beginning with ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ and work your way through to ‘The Last Battle’! 


5. These Super High Hammocks!


A string of hammocks very high up between two mountains

Image Courtesy of Cooler Lifestyle via Sebastian Wahlhuetter


These astronomically high up hammocks aren’t for the faint-hearted. But once you’re up there, you might as well kick back with a good book, after all you’ll have earned it! We think the perfect book would be…


‘Nights at the Circus’ by Angela Carter 


This magical novel follows Fevvers, part woman, part swan, who has been born with wings, and is an ‘aerialiste extraordinaire.’ A journalist named Walser accompanies Fevvers as she travels between London, St. Petersburg, and Siberia. This high-flying tale of adventure would be perfect for these vertigo-inducing hammocks! 



Image Courtesy of Cooler Lifestyle via Sebastian Wahlhuetter