Celebrate Ateez’s Coachella Performances With New Song-Inspired Reads

Are you eagerly waiting for the new Ateez comeback after their incredible Coachella show? These reads, inspired by their iconic songs, are sure to keep you excited for the incoming extended lore before we travel back to A.

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Picture of concert-goers with an 8-ball and a Lightiny on the side.

As a fellow Atiny, these past two weekends have been a whirlwind watching Ateez make history as the first K-pop boy band to perform at Coachella. While I wasn’t there to watch them in person, streaming their set in my living room still gave me joy and excitement as they gave their all on the stage. With the recent announcement of a May comeback, what better way to commemorate their extensive lore and music than to highlight some of my favorite tracks with incredible books? For the book-loving Atinys, this one’s for you!

HALA HALA and Say My Name

With the appearance of Halateez in both music videos, I wondered what it would be like to meet a version of myself from a different dimension. In Paper Girls, a group of four newspaper delivery girls in 1988 encounter some time travelers and, ultimately, a time machine where they learn about a war in the future (2016) with the ability to change the past on the line. As they navigate this newfound information, they’ll soon have to answer the question: What if you met the future version of yourself? Truly, only time will tell.

Cover of Paper Girls graphic novel with main characters: Erin, MacKenzie, KJ, and Tiffany in the front.


While it was clear that the entire The World EP. 2: Outlaw album had a more cowboy feel from the outfits to the sets, Django embodied this concept, even from live performances with the bar set akin to a saloon. I wanted to find a book that was written similarly to a Western but with a twist, much like the song. In Dustborn, readers will follow Delta of Dead River as she finds a way to save her family from the General in the Wastes. As she uncovers the secrets of Verdant hidden by a map branded on her back, she’ll soon find that there are more than just natural disasters that permeate the Wastes that she should be wary of.

Book cover of Dustborn by Erin Bowman showcasing a dust storm in red and orange with Delta in the center.


Whether you call it a Kracken or simply octopus tentacles, one of Wonderland’s legendary moments is when Seonghwa slays the sea creature. But what if the octopus had an incredibly intelligent mind and created its own culture and language? Would it be easily defeated? In The Mountain in the Sea, a doctor, Dr. Ha Nguyen, has longed to study cephalopod intelligence. As an opportunity arises with the tech corporation DIANIMA, others want to vie for their chance to learn about octopus intelligence for themselves, seeing as it could impact the future of humankind. As attempts to communicate with the octopuses go awry, no one can be prepared for what the octopuses might have in store.

Book cover of The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler with the octopuses being studied in the story right at the center.

Pirate King

Of course, I have to mention the debut song that started it all. From the invitation of “Will you be my friend?” this song certainly continues to be one on replay from my playlists. So, let’s take on the seas! Voyage of the Damned is a murder mystery aboard a ship holding the heirs of all twelve provinces of Concordia who hold a Blessing, or magical abilities. As the murders unleash on the ship, Ganymedes Piscero becomes an unlikely hero as he attempts to find the truth of who’s behind devastating deaths.

Voyage of the Damned by Frances White book cover in blue with a fish skeleton and a small ship on the top.

Bonus: Star 1117

I undoubtedly get emotional whenever I hear songs for Atiny, and much like these songs that are full of love, I’ll leave you with some encouragement. A Gentle Reminder is exactly as the title says: a reminder that you are not alone, a reminder for the days that seem like the bad outweighs the good – a reminder for whenever you need it the most.

Book cover of A Gentle Reminder by Bianca Sparacino in gold text on a green background.

With the next comeback and the newly announced tour, we can look forward to seeing how the Ateez lore unfolds on stage and the new tracklist. And, of course, 8 makes 1 team!

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