Celeb Memoirs We’d Love to See

This past year, we’ve seen the release of many new and interesting autobiographies from politicians, athletes, musicians, and just about everyone in between. Of course, the market’s always ripe for more celebrity confessions. We thought it would be fun to create a short list of celebrities, some newcomers to the writing world, that we would love to see come out with an autobiography or memoir. To help them, we created possible titles as well!

Check out some real memoirs and autobiographies coming out in 2016 here, and enjoy these titles!

My Life Is Not Actually a Horror Story by Stephen King

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Deflate This! My Life and Hard Time Being Slandered by Jealous Rivals by Tom Brady

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That’s Right, Old Sport: The Side of Me You Never Knew by Jay Gatsby

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What’s It Really Like to Battle Dinosaurs and Aliens? by Chris Pratt

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Most Court Cases Are Boring: The Real Reason I Became a Writer by John Grisham

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I Tried to Stay Gold…I Really Did: What I Learned from My Greaser Years by Ponyboy Curtis

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Confident is the New Cool: How I Reshaped America’s Beauty Standards by Laverne Cox

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How Sweet It Is: My Life is Candy by Willy Wonka

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I Just Published a Book…What’s Radical About That? by Bernie Sanders

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Stop Taking Me Seriously: A Confession of Why I Never Actually Wanted to Be President by Donald Trump

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 But I’m Not Wrong: Behind the Desk with Hollywood’s Most Controversial Liberal by Bill Maher

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