Max the Cat

Cat Banned From Library, Internet Objects

Libraries are a wonderful addition to any community. Free access to books is so important to so many people, and the fact that libraries rarely close their doors is just icing on the cake. Unless, that is, you’re a cat named Max. 



The sign was found on the door of the Macalester College library in St. Paul, Minnesota, and, even without context, the sign is hilarious. But the backstory makes it even better.



Oops Max was caught on camera as he sneaked into the library about a month ago

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According to the Washington Post, three-year-old Max the cat had been wandering the streets before being adopted by Connie Lipton, and his new favorite place to play was none other than Macalester College, close to where Lipton lives. Max quickly became a fan favorite, crashing campus events and chilling with students in the quad. 


“We’ve had multiple calls because his phone number is on his tag,” Lipton told the Washington Post. “He’s a funny guy. He loves people. He loves to socialize — with groups.”


Despite the students universally accepting him as a new student, Max’s attempts to hang in the college library were unwelcome. To be fair, one of the library employees is seriously allergic to cats. Plus, he could’ve been locked in overnight, and that’s just no good for anyone. As such, Max was banned from the library with a handwritten sign that was taped up in late October. Since, the sign has gone viral and the internet has had an opinion. 



Christopher Schommer, the library employee who created the sign, is taking Erin McGuire’s tweet from sassy comment to reality and making the whole situation into a children’s book.


“I’m sure 200 people are also doing the same thing,” Schommer joked.


Unfortunately, Max has since been banned not only from the library, but from his favorite hobby of free-roaming. With a construction project underway on campus, Lipton became worried that Max’s curiosity would get him into some sticky situations, but has bought a leash and harness so she can take the sweet baby out on walks.


“He’s going crazy. He cries and howls and paces around, looking out the windows,” Lipton said. “I’m really hoping he takes to walking on the leash. Then I can just walk him over there and he can still see his peeps and have his social life.”



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