‘Castle Rock’ Canceled After Season 2

Hulu has officially canceled Castle Rock, meaning it will unfortunately not be returning for a third season. The psychological horror series based on Stephen King’s fictional Maine town, Castle Rock, is the latest in a long list of series that Hulu pulled the plug on.

In season one, a death row attorney by the name of Henry Deaver turned home to Castle Rock to find a mysterious man, who supposedly appeared out of thin air turning up in Shawshank State Prison. In season two, we followed a young Annie Wilkes from Misery as she flees from the FBI after committing a murder – and winds up in the titular small town, where even more bizarre and horrifying events occur.


Image via Bloody Disgusting


Personally, I’m quite disappointed by this news, and I’m convinced that this is just the latest example in a long list of canceled shows that illustrates the poor judgement of many streaming services (for example, Netflix canceled Bojack Horseman but allowed 13 Reasons Why to end on its own).

However, with the reboot of Animaniacs coming out the 20th, I still have a reason to keep my Hulu subscription!

featured image via the content fair