Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu’s ‘The Lost Book of the White’ Gets Leaked.

A “fan” giveaway winner leaked a signed, advance copy of the book.

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Cassandra Clare announced today on her official Twitter account that a fan giveaway of The Lost Book of the White was rolled out during the first week of August.



Five people won signed, advance copies, but one of them has scanned and uploaded every page of the yet-to-be released book. As well as having the advanced copy translated. Following a series of tweets later, the authors (Clare and Chu) expressed their disappointment on the damage done to the book ahead of its release.


Image via Cassandra


Chu stated that thousands of hours were poured into the making of this book and that having the ARC leaked diminished the value of the main characters’ stories. They are now aware that the person responsible pretended to be a fan just to leak the signed copy.



What will happen next? Apart from the financial impact, Clare tweeted that unfortunately this might be the end of fan giveaways.  The Lost Book of the White, the second installment in the Eldest Curses series and a Shadowhunters novel, is set to be released on September 1, 2020.

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Featured Image via NYTimes