Care for Some Eau de Old Book?

Every bookworm knows the joy of holding an old book. The weight in your hand, the tattered binding, the gauzy thin pages, and of course that sweet aroma. It’s a hybrid smell somewhere between your grandma, the smoky remains of a wax candle, and stale cornflakes. It’s the same smell that hits you when you walk into the library, and the kind all new books dream of one day acquiring. And now, thanks to Sweet Tea Apothecary, you can smell just like this grandma-candle-cornflake hybrid, with Dead Writers, the new scent inspired by the smell of old books.

Old book smell, meet your match.


Read good, smell better! (Image courtesy of Sweet Tea Apothecary)


Dead Writers was created with the hope that a single sniff would bring back the feeling of long afternoons spent in the library and “paging through yellowed copies of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, Poe, and more”. What are the exact notes of this scent you may ask? The Jojoba oil based fragrance includes the essence of black tea, vanilla, clove, musk, and tobacco among others. The fragrance is suitable for men and women alike, and can be purchased online for $30.

Not quite your scent? Prefer the smell of new books or say, books only a few years old? For a lighter alternative try Paper for Women or Book for Men, by Commodity of Goods, or Paperback, a fragrance from Demeter. If you want the good-good bookish smell, you can also splurge on Paper Passion, a fragrance by Geza Schoen and Gerhard Steidl that Karl Lagerfeld calls “the silent smell of paper”.

Still prefer the authentic smell? Not to worry, we’ll be here patiently waiting as your favorite books collect bouquets of dust and deliciousness! 


Featured image courtesy of Sweet Tea Apothecary.